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Come Join Our Protection  Family!

Thank you for interest! Please complete our BRIEF applicant form.

Upon receipt of this form we will review all  your submissions.  Usually we review these within 24 hours.  We are hopeful that we may invite you to book your first phone interview with us.  Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

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Have you been convicted of a felony? If so please explain ..
Do you currently hold any license to sell Health or Life Insurance?
If not, are you willing to partner with us to help you obtain one?
Did you watch the "Opportunity" video?
We look forward to discussing and answering all your question regarding this amazing opportunity. Would you like to request a phone interview with us?

Thank you for your submissions. We are very excited to review your submissions and applications. I hope we can discuss this opportunity further in a phone conversation.  Be on the look out for a text from BBFLegacy.  Good Luck!

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